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Disaster Management


Houston has a notorious reputation for major rainfall flooding events and flooding has been an effect of that.

Community Survey

Much like the U.S. Census, the most effective way to help determine the needs of Houston communities is via comunity Survey. Will you help?

Multi-Disaster Management Plan

Houston’s population is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of natural disasters. A plan is needed.

I Want To Help!

Your Partnership With ACTS Is Sure To Make A Powerful Difference.



Food Security

The Pleasantville community is a food desert community – Proximity to grocery stores with fresh/healthy food options and inadequate public transportation contribute to this designation.

ACTS has implemented multiple approaches to provide support to the community

⋅ Monthly food distributions through partnerships with Charity Productions and Houston Food Bank

⋅ Partnership with W. S. Holland Middle School in the expansion of the school garden

⋅ COVID monthly food distributions in partnership with Target Hunger

We are very excited to announce a community grant from Port Houston that will financially support the W.S. Holland Middle School project to build a greenhouse for sustainability and resiliency. The learning experience will expose students to the farm to table movement. Students and the community will benefit from the access to healthy food options.

Other Projects That Might
Interest You

We try to stay on top of the stories and issues that most affect the communities of Houston. In doing so here are a few of our note-worthy projects.

Air Quality Monitoring

Disaster Preparedness

Project 11