Our Mission

Empowering grassroots community interventions through information, resources, and training that result in positive change to achieve goals and objectives for sustainability.

Our Vision

Transforming communities to empower residents

Our Story

ACTS is a community based nonprofit organization serving primarily the Historic Pleasantville community. This non-profit was created to provide options and resources not currently available to many under-served communities. After years of community service and grass roots capacity building, our goal is to share information with current and future community residents (multi-generational) and leaders with a focus on environmental justice in its broadest sense. It is our belief to tackle this issue, collaborations, partnerships and commitment are required. There are many barriers with many layers. BUT our goal is to succeed.

Dr. Robert Bullard (often described as the Father of Environmental Justice) defined this movement in July 1999 this way:

The environmental justice movement has basically redefined what environmentalism is all about. It basically says that the environment is everything: where we live, work, play, go to school, as well as the physical and natural world. And so we can’t separate the physical environment from the cultural environment. We have to talk about making sure that justice is integrated throughout all of the stuff that we do.

What the environmental justice movement is about is trying to address all of the inequities that result from human settlement, industrial facility siting, and industrial development. What we’ve tried to do over the last twenty years is educate and assist groups in organizing and mobilizing, empowering themselves to take charge of their lives, their community, and their surroundings. It’s more of a concept of trying to address power imbalances, lack of political enfranchisement, and to redirect resources so that we can create some healthy, liveable and sustainable types of models.

Earth First! Journal

Researchers have conducted and reported on under-served and underfunded communities, but the solutions to correct the problems are broad. One size does not fit all. Achieving Community Tasks Successfully/ACTS does not assume to have all the answers for your specific issue, but we hope to point you in the direction through networking, collaboration, consensus building and action by residents.

Based on years of community service work it is obvious, the need for capacity building, infrastructure improvements, environmental mitigation, leadership development and social justice brings us together. The struggle is REAL – knowing your strengths/weaknesses, threats and opportunities become the foundation of your planning.

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Meet ACTS Board

Tracy Stephens | Bridgette Murray | Cleophus Sharp