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Disaster Management


Houston has a notorious reputation for major rainfall flooding events and flooding has been an effect of that.

Community Survey

Much like the U.S. Census, the most effective way to help determine the needs of Houston communities is via comunity Survey. Will you help?

Multi-Disaster Management Plan

Houston's population is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of natural disasters. A plan is needed.

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One Breath

In 2019, Achieving Community Tasks successfully dba ACTS began the first community-led air monitoring network (Texas) in the Pleasantville community with the support of Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Texas Southern University (TSU). The location of the community next to major freeways – over 300K trucks daily (Source TX Dot Houston District Truck Mobility Study, September 2020), rail, and chemical releases contribute to poor air quality.

The Pleasantville community sustained significant flooding in 2000 (Allison) and again in 2017 (Harvey). Unfortunately, no action has been taken to address the infrastructure contributing to the flooding. The State of Texas General Land Office has not approved any of the CDBG Mitigation projects submitted by the City of Houston

ACTS will continue to provide updates regarding actions taken for funding mitigation projects

Other Projects That Might
Interest You

We try to stay on top of the stories and issues that most affect the communities of Houston. In doing so here are a few of our note-worthy projects.

  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Diaster Preparedness
  • Project 11
Air Quality Monitoriing

ACTS endeavors to improve the quality of life for residents not only in Pleasantville but adjoining communities as well. We will encourage healthy living for multi-generations, identify and implement strategies to improve air quality and reduce exposure to hazardous materials, partner with other agencies for resources and seek solutions for flood mitigation

The residents of Pleasantville identified air quality as one of the top five priorities for the community in January 2018. By November 2019, the community-led air monitoring network was being implemented. Today the network consists of a total of 8 low-cost monitors measuring both particulate matter (PM2.5) and nitrous dioxide (NO2). Monthly reports are generated to document air quality measurements. This information is also available on this website.

What are some of the advantages/benefits of being able to access this air monitoring information
  • Residents have 24-hour internet access to view the devices
  • End users can create graphs
  • Color coding allows easy identification for readings
  • The data has led to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) delegated state agency by the EPA is supporting placing a federal equivalent monitor (FEM) in the Pleasantville community by December 2022

In follow up to the Community Survey Results the following gaps have been identified

  • Access to healthcare - The East Houston Regional Medical Center, was permanently closed in 2017 due to extensive damages from Hurricane Harvey.
  • (2) Disaster Response - ACTS will provide public health preparedness information. For example, when asked, 29.3% of households in the surveyed area reported that they did not know what to do if asked to shelter in place.
  • (3) Infrastructure improvements remain on the table for funding to minimize flooding of a community that is not in a designated flood plain.


Discrepancies identified in Environmental Impact Study (EIS).

  • The EIS Study states there will be no environmental justice (EJ) issues associated with the implementation
  • The disproportionate high adverse health and environmental impacts to the EJ communities is not included.
  • There is no transparency in the data. The study falls short in its analysis of individual census tracts.
  • Information regarding current capacities of dredge placement areas with the predictions of future dredge requirements is not very clear.
  • The phrase “cultural impacts” is not well defined as it can be different in each neighborhood. What will change in each neighborhood?
  • Glendale PA has not been in use in over 40 years. What plans have been executed to fortify the site against future dike breeches?

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