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Project 11

The Houston Ship Channel is in the middle of a billion-dollar expansion project – the 11th major expansion of the Houston Ship Channel (HSC). As the Port deepens and widens for larger ships, dredging activity will increase.

Terms utilized to describe the project include Package and Segment. The activity near the Pleasantville and Port Houston communities fall into Package 10-11 – Glendale, Filterbed Site. The project plan calls for reactivation of the Glendale Placement Area (Glendale PA) and creation of a filterbed.

ACTS work will be directed to addressing the possible discrepancies identified in the Army Corps of Engineers Environmental Impact Study (EIS):
  • The EIS Study states there will be no environmental justice (EJ) issues associated with the implementation. However, the study does not address both direct and indirect impacts.
  • The disproportionate high adverse health and environmental impacts to the EJ communities is not included.
  • There is no transparency in the data. The study falls short in its analysis of individual census tracts. Rather than look at each census tract, the study limits the study area reducing the residential population involved, therefore supporting their point of view.
  • Information regarding current capacities of dredge placement areas with the predictions of future dredge requirements is not very clear. The study references alternatives, but is not specific to which undeveloped lands will be considered
  • The phrase “cultural impacts” is not well defined as it can be different in each neighborhood. What will change in each neighborhood?
  • Glendale PA has not been in use in over 40 years. What plans have been executed to fortify the site against future dike breeches? The prior breech in 1957 is a major concern of the community. What information has been shared directly with the impacted neighborhoods?


ACTS is aware of the Port Houston economic drivers supporting City of Houston and Harris County. Pleasantville is an environmental justice community. Cumulative impacts must be considered as this project moves forward.



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